Ggaba Road, Kampala

Eric & Winnie

This Lovely Castle cake was an eye-opening experience for many bakers and couples in Uganda.It was a beautiful example that wedding cakes, here in Uganda, can be made exceptionally beautiful and different.

The showstopper was created using over 30kgs of sponge cake in various flavours. the castle towered over the cake table with a gorgeous staircase descending from the second level to the table top.

We added turrets in various heights around the cake on multiple levels to not only bulk out the silhouette but bring an elegance to the design.

An all white palette was chosen for the timelessness of love and the romance of the theme.

Hidden within the flowers, that dotted the entire cake even to the top tier, we added some string lights that added a whimsical element to the design in the evening.

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