Christmas Cakes 2017

Christmas Cakes 2017

Whether you will be celebrating with family or showing appreciation to your customers for their loyalty, our holiday bakes are sure to be perfect for the season.

We have a wide range of confectionaries made from high quality ingredients with creative Christmas decoration, that are the perfect addition to your table or as a gift to a loved one.


Our 2017 Varieties:

  • Assorted Christmas Cookies
  • Christmas Jumbo Cookie Platters
  • Kids Christmas Cakes
  • End of Year Christmas Cakes

  • Custom Christmas Family Cakes
  • Christmas Themed Cupcakes
  • Baked Goodie Hamper
  • Christmas Gift Cakes

Christmas This Year
The holidays are a time to give thanks to the people who matter the most. Share the holiday cheer with your friends, family and customers with our foodie treats and delicious gifts.

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