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We are halfway through the year already and wedding planning season is in full gear. While this period of the year is filled with wedding bells, many couples are just starting their journey to Holy Matrimony and as expected they have got a multitude of decisions to make on the different elements that will build up into their wedding day. This is the time to start the search for the very best, most affordable wedding vendors the couple can find, and because this is usually the first wedding for either of them, all good advise received is greatly appreciated. As a baker; I have had the privilege of meeting with several couples that are planning their big day and it is always evident that many get overwhelmed with the decisions they have to make. In order to take some of the pressure off the couple: Here are 10 tips that will help you make your decision while picking a baker less stressful and painful.

Keep time

When you have scheduled a consultation with your baker be respectful and keep the appointment time. This will help both of you have a relaxed meeting without anyone feeling the need to rush it because the next client is knocking on the door.

Do not bring the entire bridal party

We have all heard the saying about too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth. Too many different opinions will make decision making so much harder because you will want to consider everyone’s input. I prefer to host 3 people, the couple & their trusted friend/family, for a cake tasting. This keeps the back & forth to a minimum and for a more satisfactory meeting all around.

Bring some pictures along

I recommend that my couples bring along their inspiration and ideas, whether pictures of wedding cakes they like or other non cake inspiration, as this will help in creating a design that the couple love.

Do not come hungry

You will be sure to enjoy the session more if your stomach is not growling at you. Because let’s be honest, the samples are just SAMPLES. They are just for you to get an idea of what the cake is like but not to fill up on.

Make your suggestions known beforehand

If you have got a favourite flavour or flavour pairing you can often times make a request to your baker to include it among the samples you will get at the cake tasting. Just remember to book for your appointment well ahead of time to give the baker enough time to prepare the sample.

Do not Stress it

Remember that you cannot provide a different flavor for every single one of your guests. Pick your favourites, listen to your baker’s recommendations on crowd pleasers and make your decision.

Know your baker

As your favourite Aunt Milly might make a glorious chocolate cake in her home kitchen, she might not be in position to pull off a mega cake that should serve 500 people as well as 20 gift cakes. Shop around for the bakers that have proved they can pull off your desired design and schedule meetings with these.

Limit the number of tastings

Do not visit every baker in your area in hopes of picking a wedding cake baker. You will be, literally, spoiled for choice. Limit yourself to 2-4 potential bakers, do your research on their capabilities, customer reviews among others then schedule meetings.

Do not wait too long

Ideally you should schedule your cake tastings at least 3 months before your wedding date. This will give you enough time to request for changes in flavours or flavor pairings with your preferred baker. Also, as a cake tasting is usually paired with a consultation on the design, it will give your baker enough time to start work on your order by doing research on what they will require in terms of decorations elements, cake stands and others. It will give them enough time to custom order or start making those sugar flowers and decorations.

Be open minded

That gorgeous 9 tier masterpiece might have looked gorgeous in that Pinterest image but it is literally impractical in that garden setting you have planned for your wedding reception. Listen and consider what your baker is advising, after all, no one likes a lopsided, leaning Tower of Cake at their party.

At Jjajjasbakes by LYNAconcepts, the customer is our friend. We will take time to listen you and make sure we produce for you what you want exactly. Check out our YouTube channel to see our amazing cake designs at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnzFGmG7YwXf_ztF1HEEBwg

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