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In this article we seek to enlighten and make known to you the magic cake manifests not only the priority cake takes during event preparations but also in the untold craving from occasion attendees. As we live a life full of celebrations from anniversaries to birthdays, besides the special dishes, the thought of having cake missing on the menu is very incomprehensible, it is almost close to impossible. With the latter, you ca not help but wonder how cake has really redefined modern day celebrations.
The presence of cake is irresistible, below are the reasons we hold that cakes make occasions.

Icon of Happiness

The essence of all events from birthdays, weddings to mention but a few resonates around the urge of sharing how we feel with friends and families. There is no any clear proven icon of happiness than sharing a piece of cake with those you love. Does this not explain why all efforts are taken to consider taste preferences of your attendees? It definitely does, we all wanna bite that piece of cake with a smile, and calmly feel the lingering sweet taste as it slides down our throats. We obviously want occasion attendees happy and feeling at home, we for that reason can’t afford negating cake from the menu. For mouth watering cakes, Jjajjasbakes by LYNAconcepts is your best option. Your guests will wish you make occasions always.

Cake for any occasion

In this era of numerous celebrations, the use of cake has drastically shifted with time from a gem reserved for birthday parties to an almost a must have at all occasions. Daaah, don’t let yourself run out of options when it comes to spicing your event’s menu, cake certainly fits in right there. You can have a custom made cake to suit any occasion at hand, cake always has your back anytime. Check out our YouTube channel for beautiful custom made cakes: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnzFGmG7YwXf_ztF1HEEBwg

Cake Variety

Probably you have not heard – Cakes have undergone a detailed series of transition dating from around the 17thcentury with very few flavors, simple in size; So tiny that people kept them under pillows while single to have them dream their future spouses. Lol! Imagine having that same taste of cake with limited or totally no alternatives. If that was still the case, am almost convinced that several party goers would quit turning up very often. Wait! Imagine seeing the same block of crumbs at your friends’ Birthdays throughout the year. I would definitely postpone all my parties to this new era of cake variety.
Far from monotony, cake comes in about 48 flavors, each with a unique and absolute delight to your taste. There is a wide ecstatic range of cake flavors to indulge yourself with. Besides the flavor variety, it is absolutely possible to have cake in several sizes, from small, medium to huge wedding cakes. Always feel free to include your specifications as you place your orders at the bakers’. Cakes have evolved enough to the stage of nieches… You can have gluten free cakes at Jollity Health Treats. Check out more about Jollity Health Treats at: www.jollitycreations.com

A perfect way to celebrate.

How many of us hang around parties until we have had a slice of cake? Yes, do not bother thinking about it, we have all at one time been to a party and swore never to set foot to that birthday ever again because of the absence of the cake. Have you not realized how hosts take their time to cut cake? They preserve the best for the last. The essence of any celebration is to have all their guests around, to fully partake of any events’ activities. The power of cake will do just that, it keeps your guests around until all events’ termed as boring activities like speeches are done. As the saying goes the best is always reserved for the end.

Perfect way to customize your event

Having a custom made cake does add splendor to the occasions. The love for art and a strong desire for a perfect décor can be made manifest in a custom made cake. You can choose to have a cake that nicely blends with the event’s décor. Wait! You can go as far as scribbling a message on cake. It is very exciting to have a cake made just for you, with preference disparities in mind, we can literally be up for adventure with several cake flavors, shapes and size. We at Jjajjasbakes by LYNAconcepts are the best for your cakes.


The Essence of any event be it a birthday party, wedding, wedding anniversary, engagement party among others are always depicted out in the cake. Like a birthday cake will either have a number on it or the candles put on it will represent the age of the birthday person. Some people always have their cakes made in things they love most. This is why cake is really important for any occasion, it gives every party that glimmer and glitter. At Jjajjasbakes by LYNAconcepts we create all your imaginations and turn them into such delicacies that your left wanting more.

Check out amazing cake designs at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnzFGmG7YwXf_ztF1HEEBwg

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