Whether you are the bride, groom, MOTB or a guest, you have likely considered adding an ethnic African touch to your event. Other than the traditional cultural dress that is usually donned by the elders at weddings, there are other ways to pay homage to your roots without draping your entire wedding party, ceremony space and reception in Kanga, Kente and Kitenge fabrics.

The talented Emma Bagwana -head designer at Eguana Kampala graciously agreed to share some tips on how you can add an aesthetic ethnic African touch to any celebration.

African fashion is currently all the rage the world over and has been interpreted into everything from office wear to evening wear even swimwear. Bridal fashion has also taken inspiration from the trend and nowadays it isn’t uncommon to see an entire bridal party dressed in African wear.


As popular as African fashion is, it can be rather strong for some people especially on their wedding day. There are ways in which you can incorporate it into your wedding without feeling overwhelmed by the prints and colours.

  • Bowties and pocket squares are a great way for men to incorporate African fashion into their wedding day look. A bright coloured African print pocket square or bow tie on a dark or neutral suit makes a major statement.

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  • African inspired accessories can also be used by both the women and men in the bridal party to add an ethnic touch to their look. African jewelry or shoes worn with regular bridal attire are a nice way to add a unique touch to your wedding. African print buttons, trims or belts can also do the magic.

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  • Having just one group of the bridal party wear the African inspired fashion is also another great way to avoid getting swallowed up in a sea of print. If the bridesmaids opt for African print dresses, the rest of the party can wear for more plain coloured attire that complement the prints and vice versa. If the bride goes for a traditional white or off white gown, she should avoid over accessorizing it with African print details and trims, which may look contrived.

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  • If African inspired fashion is not your thing you could always incorporate it into your decor and simply wear colours that complement the African inspired decor. There is a whole range of affordable African inspired decor that will add something different to your wedding.

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In the end, your wedding is all about you. You should go for what you want not what is trendy.

Happy Planning!